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H O M E    O F    T H E    B L U E    T I D E

Long County High School
1844 Georgia Highway 57, Ludowici, Georgia  31316
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About Us
Across the fertile lands of Georgia
Stands ole Long County High.
We will e'er uphold its standards,
Cherish days gone by.
Forward, onward, be our watchword,
Conquer and prevail.
For many years we've learned to love thee:
Blue and White all hail!
Welcome to Long County High School!

Whether you are a parent or new or returning student to LCHS, we would like to extend a warm Blue Tide welcome to you.  There are many exciting things happening around our school and we appreciate your interest.  We encourage you to visit our site often in order to stay informed of events and we hope to make this the best school year yet!

Again, welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out our site and to learn more about the

We believe the underlying principle of our educational system is the fostering of an understanding of the democratic way of life.  Education and democracy complement each other; hence, the operation of our system, schools, and classrooms should reflect a democratic way of living.

We further believe that the purpose of Long County High School is to provide the opportunity for each individual to discover his or her own personal strengths and weaknesses, to develop knowledge and skills necessary to be a productive and accountable member of society, and to assist in the examination and development of personal values.

We believe that Long County High School should seek to prepare each individual to live as a responsible, fulfilled member of our constantly changing world.

We believe that education should be involvement in life itself.  Education is active and should be related to the needs and interests of the student (child or adult).  The educational system should reflect the society of today and prepare students for the future.

We recognize the individuality of students and staff at Long County High School but believe balance must be achieved and maintained between personal and cultural expectations.  This includes providing an integrated curriculum, which will enable individuals to be balanced, tolerant, and well-adjusted citizens within their physical, social, and spiritual environments. 

Realizing the comprehensiveness of our philosophy, we actively seek the cooperation of the home and our total community in achieving our goals.


To ensure a quality education for all students by providing a safe and effective learning environment where students have the opportunity to be challenged and academically successful.


Long County Schools will be an exemplary system where all students are college and/or career ready.

"The Key is ME!"

“Teach Each One”