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Long County High School | P.O. Box 579 | 1844 GA HWY 57 | Ludowici, GA  31316 | 912-545-2135 | 912-545-2041
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Long County High School
P.O. Box 579  |  1844 Georgia Highway 57, Ludowici, Georgia  31316
Tel:  912-545-2135/2041  l  Fax:  912-545-2136
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SCHOOL HOURSSupervision will be provided from 7:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.  Any students remaining on campus after 3:15 p.m. must be under direct supervision of a teacher or a coach.
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Parents:  To access your student's grades online, please visit the LCHS main office.  Access information and a unique password will be available upon request from parents and legal guardians.  Picture ID is required.

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Good News!
Long County High School has been recognized by GaDOE as a Reward school. This recognition is given to schools that have the highest progress in "all student" groups over 3 years 2011, 2012, and 2013 (see below).

Highest Progress
• 10% of Title I schools
• Highest progress in performance for the “all students” group over 3 years
• May not be identified as a Priority School, Focus School, or Alert School

Long County Public Library
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Ms. Beth Gordon
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School Hours:  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Monday - Thursday; closed on Fridays through July 17th;
closed the week of June 29 - July 3

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**For Your Information:**

Courses without an EOC or SLO:  All students take the final exam unless they meet the attendance/grade criteria:

    - Minimum grade of 70 and no absences
    - Minimum grade of 80 and no more than 3 absences
    - Minimum grade of 90 and no more than 5 absences

EOC Courses:  The state will not release EOC grades until the fall of 2015.

Therefore, all students are exempt from the final.  Students may come take a final if they would like to improve their average.  However, the final exam will not count against them if it has a negative effect on their average.

SLO Courses:  SLO scores will not be counted as a grade this year.

All students take the final exam unless they meet the attendance/grade criteria or they pass their SLO:

    - Minimum grade of 70 and no absences
    - Minimum grade of 80 and no more than 3 absences
    - Minimum grade of 90 and no more than 5 absences
    - Passed the SLO

**For Your Information:**
House Bill 91 Update
Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law on March 30, 2015.
The law contains provisions for students no longer enrolled in the school system to petition the Local Board of Education for a diploma if their sole reason for not receiving a diploma was due to not passing any part of the required graduation tests at the time of enrollment.
Please use the form below to formalize the petition process.

House Bill 91 Diploma Petition Form
Do you need help filling out the FAFSA? Click here for information on how you can get help for FREE!

Georgia Milestones Assessment System

Preview a video available on the Georgia Milestones website at:
GA's New Assessments

The following link is a parent's guide to GA's new assessments that has been developed by the National PTA.
Public Practice Site for the
New Georgia Tests - End-of-Grade and End-of-Course

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